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Bad Pennies

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im going to be the ten millionth person to request a PM PLZ!


for that i should get a reward... like maybe a PM ;)



as for the whole discussion about the quality of his demo material.... the boy who could explode surpasses a lot of his other work imo.

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You make these assumptions like you have any clue what he's talking about. We don't know every aspect of Matt's personal life. For all we know he was listening to a band and thought he would make song like them as a joke. We're all human, we're just amusing ourselves.

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Ok, so I listened to the song and I deem it to be okay, but then again it's a demo and not really a demo at that if it's a joke song.


The guitar is pretty cool; I like how it intros. I didn't like all the echoing done with Matt's voice on this one, and of course the lyrics aren't really top notch except for a few choice lines. I also think it's kind of long in correlation to the lack of depth in the lyrics - I don't wanna hear the same thing over and over for 4:56.


I don't think I'll listen to it again, but it doesn't mean Matt has lost his style, is writing songs to sell, needs to get over it, is turning emo or anything many people seem to be suggesting. So yeah, let's all just leave it at that. :angry: Whoever it was [;)], I'd wager she was a bad penny anyway.

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Makes me want to listen to White Light ;)


It is true...about the war songs in the 60s...the connection with Bob Dylan and similar artists...I sometimes forget that music is a key way to get political messages out to audiences who often ignore such business. I myself am not very political...and to be honest if it weren't for Matt's blog I probably wouldn't intake any political information during my day...so it's doing me some good.




Actually, looking through this thread. I see that I in particular made a reference to "Iraq songs" which was stupid comment on my part, but I didn't even remember saying it. I don't really have a problem with songs with that subject matter actually. Not at all. I like White Light/Black Helicopter/Silent Army in the Trees. Chalk it up to being a bad arguer and not being able to come up with another prominent point (I was trying to defend the subject matter of bad pennies). Oh well. I definitely admit that was a silly comment on my part. Didn't even mean it.

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