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Empty Road (Acoustic)

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technically this is the version on the album... but the album version features other audio tracks.


Hmm... I've listened to it, and there's no way that the acoustic video is the version on the album (the master take, so to speak..).


Just listen to how he sings "It's all I know" at the end -- in the album version he goes down the scale every time he says it. On the acoustic one, he sings it once going down the scale, then again as he does it in the verse.


It's hard to explain, though, I hope someone knows what I'm talking about ;)

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I have to disagree with you guys. Two reasons:


1) I don't hear any difference between the album track, and the recording or acoustic track, that cannot be attributed to post processing, or the quality of the video


2) weaker argument, but the video is clearly labeled "Matt recording Empty Road"


If you want to refute my first point, give me track times, and I will give it a listen. The second argument, I admit is not that strong. If you people are right, then this must have been a take, and not the finial record. (Remember Matt doesn't like doing multiple takes)



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Well I don't see what's weak about my argument..listen to both versions and listen to the ending -- he says "all I know" three final times. In the acoustic version on the first and third times, he goes down the scale. ie: when says "kno-ow" the "ow" is a lower note than the "kno." But the second time, he sings it as he does in the verses and does the "kno" as a lower note than the "ow." He also says the third one in a much throatier voice on the album than he does on the acoustic version.


Here are some other arguments:


- He doesn't play the guitar riff at the beginning quite like he does on the album; he lets a couple notes hang a lot longer in the acoustic version. That's a pretty weak argument, yeah, because they could have edited it


- Listen to the part where he says "child it ain't no thing" -- on the acoustic version, he goes like "child it ain't no thing" but on the album he goes "child it ain't nooooo thing"


And that's about all I could pick up. The rest sounds exactly the same.

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