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i have a comical, lighthearted hatred for mustaches. i don't know why, because i have since middle school, and middle school is not a time to judge facial hair in any way, whether you can or cannot grow it. i have never really had bad experiences with the people behind the mustaches, but i still hated their facial hair.


i consider myself blessed; while i have no real problem growing hair anywhere else on my body, i don't really have much of a mustache. i mean, it's there, but it's blonde, and is nothing like my fairly full, fairly red beard haha. i am so happy, but even the little blonde mustache is annoying me a bit; i haven't shaved anything in months haha, and it's just long enough, that when i'm in the shower, it kind of gets in my mouth. like, it's not fully an annoyance yet, but it's definitely got my attention haha.


i'm wondering, should i just wax it? it's never going to amount to anything like my beard, so there's nothing i would miss, but my dreams of having a handlebar mustache would go unfulfilled. not that i even expect to ever be able to grow anything even kind of like a handlebar mustache ahaha.


i would have no problem, waxing, but i have no idea if i will, it's just something kind of funny to me right now, i have no idea what it will end up being haha.


what do you think?

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i don't get why you wouldn't just shave it...


to have a beard and then nothing but smooth skin above your lip would be kind of silly

well it's kind of silly, but i can't grow anything anyway haha. my beard is brown/red and, like, and inch long, while my mustache is blond and not very long at all, and it's as long as it's going to get.. i haven't shaved anytime recently, and it's still nothing.


and shaving isn't impossible at all, but with a madonna, it's just not as easy as it used to be..

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haha i did not know i could grow one; i went to evolve with like three days of growth thinking 'i won't bother shaving, i'm going to a hippie festival! i'll shave later..' after two weeks, i woke up from the coma and it was there haha.

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it's terrible that you were in coma, but hilarious that it brought facial hair into your life! good call on just dealing with it if you want to keep the beard (which is also a good call). just trim it if it's getting unruly and you're good to go, i say.


you should post a photographic example of this.

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Yeah, photos are always awesome and I remember yours tend to be hilarious.

hahaha thank you. i'm not sure which you might be referring to, but being silly is not beyond my character aha.



i'll try to get some pics, but it might take a few days..


and doormat, i can't. not yet, anyway. i'm too in love with the way my chin isn't round at all, but now is kind of "bulb-eque" with the beard haha.

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