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U.s. Presidential Race

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I have to admit. I never thought that in our life times that we would ever see a black president. Okay call me cynical.


In some respects the fact that this has happened gives me hope. Hope that the world can over come our differences and to begin to move forward, not as a collection of states, but a world as a whole.


Here's hoping that Obama begins North America onto a path that will fix the flaws in our society.

Here's hoping that world will be a significantly better place 4 years from now.

Here's to the future.


Congratulations Obama

Congratulations USA

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I thought McCain's concession speech was great as was Obama's speech. Every moment during his speech I was expecting a shot to ring out and once it was done and he had gone backstage I was expecting it to explode.


I'm not saying that I wanted those things to happen, I'm saying that there are people that live in certain rural areas that would actually be backwards enough to plan that sort of thing.

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while i was also worried about a violent end to the acceptance speech (i too had a weird feeling in my stomach when i heard the helicopter), that feeling was definitely lifted as obama started to speak.


as christy said, we'll see how he does, but it's still something when someone can evoke so much emotion out of so many people.


anyone see the coverage outside of the white house? brilliant. people love to feel as though they're a part of something. hopefully it's not just all hot air, but i mean, it's going to take a long time before we see anything really materialize and before his promises really come to fruition.

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What happened last night was amazing. John McCain's concession speech was one of the most impressive and unifying pieces of oration to come from a Republican in thirty years. If he had conducted himself during the campaign, and during the debates, the way he did last night. He would have won this election. I had a lot of respect for him before this election, which I lost a great deal of in the course of the campaign. He won it all back and then some with that speech.


Obama has 8 years of bullshit and bad decisions to clean up, I truly believe he can do it.

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Wow. Settle down. Wait and see. This is not going to be the shining knight riding in to save the world from it's many plights. This will be a mild improvement at best. A nudge in the right direction, not a revolutionary about-face. Inertia is a funny thing that way.

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