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So I'm Going To See Josh Ritter In About 3.5 Hours

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Didn't get the chance to meet him. A friend of the gal I went with opened for him in Calgary last year, and we couldn't find said friend at the show, and I was offered a ride home, so I took that instead of waiting in the somewhat cold outside the bus.


Anyways, the opening act, Emm Gryner was decent enough. She had a pretty voice, did some neat guitar loop stuff a la KT Tunstall, played some cool tunes on the piano, and Josh brought her out during the encore to sing a song along with him.


And now to Josh Ritter and the band. All I can really say is "wow". The thing that stood out most was just how genuinely happy he was to be playing music for people. You look at

of him playing To the Dogs or Whoever, and you can see how much fun he's having, and that was him during the entire performance, and it was really something awesome to see. He's a pretty funny guy, good banter, good jokes and all that fun stuff.


The performance itself was awesome. He's a very talented performer, and the guys in his band are also incredible musicians. The set itself was a mixture of newer stuff and older stuff, the newer stuff occupying the first half of the set, the older stuff, which I'm not all that familiar with, occupied the 2nd half, with a Johnny Cash cover thrown in for good measure. Songs I remember being played include Monster Ballads, Idaho Idaho, Lillian Egypt, Good Man, Wolves, To the Dogs or Whoever, Mind's Eye, Right Moves, The Temptation of Adam, Open Doors, Next To the Last True Romantic, Wildfires, Kathleen, and of course, Girl in the War.


There aren't enough good things I can say about the concert, it was just fantastic.

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