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yeah i came in to say about as much; meat is straight up murder and i'm proud to say that i do not take part.

That's too bad, I just bought one gigantic pork roast, and I am feeling very happy with the concept of murder...especially once it's herb rubbed, and injected with my very own teryaki and garlic marinate...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious!!!!


Did someone just yell murderer???? Shit pass the hot sauce

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The meat-house, of course, doesn't look too appetizing, but I agree with the men here. They've got something right - Meat's fucking awesome. Especially with herbs or garlic or A1.



No offense to any vegetarians; I love veggies, but I eat what I like. And coincidentally that means no turkey and no burgers. blech.

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All kidding aside, I love the veggies, and I've even tried being a vegetarian a few times, my longest stretch was 14 months...But after Easter Sunday, when I can eat beef again...it's open season...If it goes moo, and it isn't veal(I don't believe in veal, sorry..I don't eat baby anything), it's getting on my plate, without question.

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