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What Was The Last Track You Downloaded?

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Can't Stand Loosing You - the Police

Not being funny, but is loosing a misspelling of losing ?


It's so common I'm beginning to think it's a valid version, like color or something. As I say, I'm not taking the piss - I'm genuinely asking.


Oasis - Glasto '95, I suppose.

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Where did you find these demos?


Edit: Stop The Clocks - Oasis

Stoptheclocks.org, but presumably you've found them anyway.


Coldplay - A Spell a Rebel Yell.


Their best impression of the Stone Roses. ;)

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Some tracks by "Stars", a Canadian indie group.  They are pretty cool never heard of them till they came on the radio one night.

They're pretty big up here, I'm surprised you hadn't heard of them.


So far the songs I like the most are "Ageless Beauty" and "Your Ex-Love Is Dead". A lot of their stuff doesn't really fit my style but some songs are just beautiful.


Haven't downloaded anything since the last time...

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