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Even More New Demos

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Heh, and here I am at my grandma's house where I have no ability to rip or record them. Someone want to do the honors?


I'll try and get lyrics.



Edit: Oh my god, I just listened to the first song. It's utterly beautiful.


Edit again: And the second one is ok, but I'm not digging it nearly as much as the first one. Also, the lyrics are difficult to decipher, as they're sort of slurred and low in the mix.

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Could someone also send them my way please.




As note I actually like the second after my first listen of it. The first will sound really good on an album though.


Anyone else realize most of these demos have his voice doubled or multiplied in the choruses? I think they're all like that in fact...

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I agree.. If you can't figure out how to rip it for yourself (which isn't that difficult, there's plenty of websites for it if you don't have an audio program on your computer) when it's still up.. your loss.


Or you could just pay attention to the rest of the 'new demo' threads and see who usually rips them, and instead of spamming the posts with OMG PM ME PLZ, ask around through PM's.

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