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Even More New Demos

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do what you want, i just don't want the forums getting shitted up with more "plz send me the song. thx"


the demos might show up here eventually but that'd be after the album comes out


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As long as it has cake.


That's not my main reason for not sending out the demos, it's just the only reason I'll post.

So it is okay for you to have them but no one else right? Like I totally agree with what Anton said and have always respected HIS forum but when people are like 'I'm not sending them cause the artist doesn't want me to blah blah blah' while it currently sits in THEIR music library that I find to be total bullshit. In all honesty if you cared about the musicians wishes you wouldn't of ripped it in the first place. And then to have the nerve to say I have it and I am not giving it away cause I am such a saint, respect the artist blah blah only adds to the frustration. But yeah just my take on it.


P.s. Soundless Space's MG Hell comment is fucking gold!

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Actually, the only reason I've been ripping them is because I can't listen to them on his site.


As I said up there a bit.. It's really not the main reason I don't want to send them out, it's just the only reason I'll mention. So far anyone that's PM'ed me for it, I've told them of another site where they can get all of the demos, some of which I can't send them myself.

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I actually like the second one. The first one is better but I was expecting the second one to suck after reading the thread.


It's catchy.


But On Nights Like Tonight might be my new favourite of these demos.

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Listening to them gives me the same feeling as hearing Beautiful Midnight. If he pulls this record off, with that kind of harder edge-symphonic sound, it will be like a summation of the Matthew Good band and his solo work.


It's dark, and it rocks. I'm so pumped.. and I don't even have them all.

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