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alright, taking the demos afforded thus far, and including the "teaser" instrumental and "tidal wave", this is what i made my tracklisting.



fought to fight it

bad pennies

empty's themepark

if i was a tidal wave


the vancouver national anthem

us remains impossible

on nights like tonight

the boy that could explode

silent army in the trees


what would some of yours be?

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Recorded during Hospital Music sessions but not on any physical release:

- "Can't Get Shot In The Back (If You Don't Run)"


Likely recorded during Hospital Music sessions but not released:

- "If I Was A Tidal Wave"

- "Breath of a Nation"

- "_______lite" (Unknown song, could have been "The Devil's In Your Details" or "Girl Wedged Under A Firebird" renamed but I doubt it.)


Post-Hospital Music songs:

- "Keira-Anne"

- "Silent Army In The Trees"

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Speaking of demos I remember when the Safer Than a Bank demo came out in 2006 and how excited I was to hear what that could song could of become. When the record came out I was kinda dissappointed as it was basically the same. I just wished he would of "finished" that song. Oh well I guess it just proves he can still write a killer pop song if he chooses.

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There was also "Dusk" and "Altogether" which in my opinion are two of his greatest demos ever.

I'm really loving "Volcanoes".......just thought I'd let everyone know.

I've never heard "teaser" so if anyone has it and can send it my way that would be great. [email protected] (sorry to throw that in there)

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tidal wave is not an album 8 demo and neither is the teaser, those were both set for a hospital music b-side ep. here are all the demos, i put them in a nice order that give them more of an album quality:


1. the boy who could explode

2. fought to fight it

3. on nights like tonight

4. vancouver national anthem

5. bad pennies

6. volcanoes

7. us remains impossible

8. empty's theme park

9. silent army in the trees


there's also a clip of another A8 demo that he posted in a video on his site, it wasn't complete. since these 9 demos add up to an hour, he should make about 20 and do a double disc, that'd be cool.

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I'm new, so I didn't know that was the story, but I could see him doing it as a goof for his friend, AND wanting to share it with fans, without ever intending to release it officially.


Be tough to get radio play. ;)

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It is kind of ironic in a way, Matt's blog is constantly advocating that we question the information that has been given to us and yet, when it comes to aspects of his personal life or his music, we are berated for extrapolating or questioning what has been said.

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Well, I would say those are two very different categories. Matt can say or not say whatever he'd like about his personal life and not have it up for discussion. But talking about the music is fair game...for any artist who releases it publicly.

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I think I have all of them so far... and my favorite one is "Empty's Theme Park"... I just love this song, specially the music solo part... hope it appears on a future Matt's album...

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