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Dan #2

What Year Was Agorophobe Released?

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i'm trying to keep as complete an itunes as possible, and this sometimes means digging.


any help would be much appreciated, was it 2005? i remember hearing it when it was 'the new one,' but i'm kinda guessing, as to what year that would have been. late high school i think hahaha.





i have started but haven't got far, can i give a mod or crusader or anyone my nf$ for just a file with all the demos and unreleased stuff? individually downloading each song, and deleting all twelve thousand folders it comes with (kidding ;)) has gotten arduous. i'll do it, and i am doing it anyway, normally, but i'm just looking for something easier.. i don't have the time.


thanks everyone<3

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thank you very very much!!

i'm still very interested in working with the bored to obtain all the demos.. not to too explicitly bribe anyone, but how about this? if you can arrange this somehow, i could mail you a cd or dvd you wanted, or i could make a donation to nf, to help with server costs and such, whatever i had been donating to haha.. i really want to get these all this once so i can lock them into my new external hard drive and be able to love them forever. also you can direct any/all further inquiries to me and i'd be glad to share them from there ;)








i made a +jackpillowhead page today on wikpedia and it was pretty much immediately flagged for deletion. i'm hoping more knowledgable people than myself take it out of my hands, i don't entirely know how to make something "wiki-friendly."


i made an evolve page though and what i wrote was pretty much "evolve's an east coast party, traditionally observed in antigonish." thankfully someone did pick that up from me hahaha.

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Matt Good didn't used to have a long wikipedia page (it was a stub) and I remember people would always just write "an asshole musician" and stuff as if wikipedia was fucking urbandictionary. Grr.


It was flagged because of how badly you wrote it or what?

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"Agoraphobe" was December of 2004. The video file of them working on it was dated 12/19, but that wasn't the full song. He put the other two +jackpillowhead songs online first - there were a few days where people were clamoring for the whole song after seeing the footage in the video. (My copy of the song itself is dated 12/31.)


i made a +jackpillowhead page today on wikpedia and it was pretty much immediately flagged for deletion. i'm hoping more knowledgable people than myself take it out of my hands, i don't entirely know how to make something "wiki-friendly."

Without looking, I'm going to assume it was flagged because of notability. Wikipedia doesn't accept articles on just any band or project; there has to be something specifically notable about it. While interesting (and of note to MG fans), +jackpillowhead was not a real project and never officially released anything. Wikipedia also requires that articles be based on coverage by published sources, and I don't think +jackpillowhead was ever covered by the music press.


It's the same reason that the Rodchester Kings don't have an article. The only notable thing about the band was that Matt was in it, and that's not really enough.

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Please, please don't use Wikipedia for this. Everything's going to get wiped out. They have specific guidelines that forbid the inclusion of content like this.



"All articles on albums or songs must meet the basic criteria at the notability guidelines. In general, if the musician or ensemble that recorded an album is considered notable, then officially released albums may have sufficient notability to have individual articles on Wikipedia. Individual articles on albums should include independent coverage. Demos, mixtapes, bootlegs, promo-only, and unreleased albums are in general not notable; however, they may be notable if they have significant independent coverage in reliable sources."


I don't think any of Matt's demos have ever been covered by independent coverage (fansites don't count).


But it just doesn't belong there anyway. Wikipedia doesn't cover minutiae; they don't accept articles about just any band or album (or actor or business, etc). Details about obscure releases belong on fansites, where we can go into more detail than is allowed there.

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Guest Prosis

No that I understood ;)


But I don't understand who would use Wikipedia and for what in this particular topic. Are you talking about the trivia section?


Also, I know about Wikipedia's fucking policies. When I was Holly McNarland's webmaster, I thought I'd put a page up for her and for her album Chin Up Buttercup. After a lot of work, they deleted all saying I was using copyrighted material. I was her webmaster and was using my hollymcnarland.net email address and all, what more could I have donc, have Holly write them?


So I thought "Fuck Wikipedia" :angry:

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The guidelines are labyrinthine. (ahh, silver dollar word.) I'm glad I'll never be well-known enough to have a Wiki article; it would drive me nuts if my article had total crap written about me (but was properly "sourced") and I could do nothing about it.


The Wikipedia comments reference this stuff:


i made a +jackpillowhead page today on wikpedia and it was pretty much immediately flagged for deletion. i'm hoping more knowledgable people than myself take it out of my hands, i don't entirely know how to make something "wiki-friendly."


I've done a fair it of work updating the MG/MGB/Rodchester Kings discography section on wikipedia but I don't know how to put pictures up. If anyone can put up album art for any of the releases that are missing them (particularly the old demos) that would be great.


I think the only reason that the demo articles have survived this long is that they've flown under the radar. Now, not so much. (I saw that +jackpillowhead was added to Matt's article, but it's gone now.)


I just meant: rather than try to put this stuff into Wikipedia, they/we should put the efforts into helping Anton with the update here.


By the way, is there any evidence that the +jackpillowhead "project" lasted more than a week? I always thought that it was Ryan's demos that Matt briefly helped him out on rather than something that they were truly writing together over the span of months. (I also figured "Devil's" was something they worked on while working on the In a Coma tracks rather than during +jackpillowhead.)

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