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Your Most Anticipated Summer Movie?

Your most anticipated summer movie?  

38 members have voted

  1. 1. Your most anticipated summer movie?

    • Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
    • Iron Man
    • Incredible Hulk
    • Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
    • X-Files
    • Batman: Dark Knight
    • Hellboy 2
    • Punisher 2
    • Sex & the City

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As excited as I am about Iron Man, I get to see it tomorrow night with my friends, so I'm not going to pick that. I'm also hella interested in Indy Jones. The toss up for me was between X-Files and Batman. I enjoyed X-Files growing up so it's definitely got the nostalgia going for it, but no trailers have been released (that I know of) and it doesn't seem like it will be a huge event. Batman, on the other hand, is going to be fucking EPIC. Seriously. It looks spectacular.

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Sex in the City(That's right I said it).



Do you find it funny that SJP is the one predominantly featured on all of the posters? How can those women act together with all of their evil vendettas?!


I've never seen the show, but I'd assume that'd make them pretty good actors.

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Iron Man was kickass, I was disappointed by how poorly Speed Racer did. INDY will be MAMMOTH!!!

I was meh about seeing Iron Man before, but now i really want to see it. I thought it was going to be more Fantastic Four than Spider-Man quality, but its got 93% on rottentomatoes.com!!


Speed Racer is a cool cartoon but that movie looks horrible! Only Speed Racer fanboys would want to see that, and maybe little boys.

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I've spoken to a few Speed Racer fans who do not approve of this movie.


One nitpick I have (amongst the many), is that the Wachoski brothers tried to make it way too flashy and spectacular for what it was. A lot of anime isn't even that flashy and it's all animated ;)

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