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New Tour=new Merch?

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He posted a Flickr video of merch ideas for this tour on his website a few weeks ago. (I don't see it on his Flickr video page, so I'm assuming he nuked it.) So I assume that's a yes.


I could be wrong, but I doubt "and his Band" will be on the merch. I think they're just using that as promotional verbiage to let people know that the shows aren't solo acoustic.

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thanks for the assumption.

Assumptions are all we've got right now, so take what you can get. At least they are educated and based on logic. But why wouldn't MG want to make more money? Seriously. If there's not new merch, I will give you 100 nf points. Whee online gambling.


And honda, I didn't mean that the "and his Band" would be on the merch, but I'm just saying it's distinct from his acoustic tour, so the same merch is likely not to be used.

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Who else snatched up one of those signed Avalanche vinyls? I was so surprised to see them selling at the Toronto show.



Please tell me this wasn't a Toronto-only thing. ;)


The hoodie: how much are we talking about? I knew it was probably going to be expensive, but I'm thinking of splurging and I need to know how much money I'm going to need to take out before arriving.

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Hoodies are stylish and cool with a zip up front. They go for $65 a piece and they are limited to one-size for girls.

That's cool. I'm not going to need that much extra then. I'm selling off my original tickets (I got a closer seat near some friends after my other friend had to back out), so I'll have a bit extra to spare for the hoodie.

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