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Love is Hell is probably my favorite album from him; hell it's probably one of my favorite cds of all time. But really it depends on what you're looking for from the guy. He can switch from country rock, to folk rock, to alternative, to ballads or just striaght out country from album to album or song to song so you have to be ready to expect the unexpected with the guy and in that sense I agree with borntohula.


I'm not sure what albums you have of his but, aside from Love is Hell, if you haven't picked up Cold Roses I would reccomend it as one of his best.

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I'm still pretty new to him, really. But yeah, he's great.


Love Is Hell's probably my favourite of his so far, with Demolition coming second. They're the less country-sounding albums from his earlier work, so they're more my thing. If you're looking to get into him, you should try Demolition. It's like a perfect mix of his different styles. You can't really go wrong though, 'cos there's at least a handful of blinders on each of the four albums I've heard.

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I own Gold, Rock n Roll, and Cold Roses, all 3 are some of my favorite cds that I own. As far as jumping from style to style that really doesn't bother me much, as I was a Phish fan, and they would go from blues to funk to jazz to experiemental noise.

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