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In Regards To Some Rare Tracks

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hey guys, this may come off totally newbish of me and the answer may be staring me right in the face...


but years ago (like 2003?) a good friend of mine who was a way bigger matt good fan than I was sent me some rare tracks (even if you all don't consider them rare I cant find em anymore so they rare to me!). If you've checked out my youtube you'll see I cover some of them (Like umbrellaless and whispering in the dark!) Im just wondering if they ever come up on the NF store or if anyone else knows where I can find em? Here's my list:





Whispering in the Dark


South of Summer

Folk singer

the last poem's poet

You are here


(let's be honest with myself anything really from this session of demons)


The OTHER endsong from 15 hours on a september thursday


and yeah... that's it!

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