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Following the pressure and built-up hype of the Massey Hall show, we've come to the release. It's the last night of a four day stretch and Matt Good and his band are able to chew their gum as they leave the mountain into the valley. The release was as comforting to those in the audience tonight as it must have been for those catering to us on stage.


Upon first sight you could see the wear of his week. Some people perform best under pressure, and some just perform best. As expected, Matt Good gave us a show, and he made it the art that he expects to deliver. Nobody is forgotten and no city is the weak link of the tour no matter how "rock star" these past four days have forced Matthew Good to be. He knows all-too-well that entire regions gauge his value based on the execution of everything from Time Bomb (for the millionth time) to the precise cues of Single Explosion so fresh in his full band repertoire.


He opened the show with a one-two punch of legacy.


Enter Hospital Music.


Just when you thought you knew Matthew Good for his Juno-twentysomething-hitmaking-heroics, he goes and delivers the 'Pet Sounds' of his catalog with the most capable green-horn crew. He plays these tracks as if they are his life, and we listen knowing they could be ours.


Tonight Matthew Good gave us the best of each and every song he played. Kingston has been happily filled with its dear share of Matthew Good, and you can expect venues with any room to spare to have said room filled by those ready for some Kingston dessert.


People love a show, and a show they have seen.


Without further adieu, here is the setlist (courtesy of Paul McManus himself.)



Time Bomb

Single Explosion


Born Losers

Devil's in your details

Load me up

Put out your lights

Blue Skies over badlands

Black Helicopter

99% of us is failure

I'm a window

Apparitions (with band)




Champions of Nothing

Alert Status Red

Everything is Automatic

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