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Edmonton Show

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So i just attended the Edmonton show the other night and i have to say that it was not as good as i was hoping for. I have been to over 20 matt good shows in my life and this one was not high up there.


For one i felt like the song selection was not good at all. There was no flow to the show, but what seemed like a selection of songs that the band could play. For most of the night it felt like a rehearsal. Another thing is that none of the guys really seemed into it at all. Especially the bass player, like you might as well have paid a robot to play.


And one thing i really wish matt would do is just retired HTB and Load Me Up. I know he feels like he has to play them, but if you are just going to rush through them and not enjoy playing them then what's the point?!


One thing i did enjoy was the few throwbacks to the days of Beautiful Midnight. Matt rocking out, sweat pouring off his face. Weapon, and Giant were definitely the highlights for me.


Like i said i have been a MG fan for some 12 years now, i love his entire catalog of music. But last night was the first time in some 20 shows i just wasn't impressed with MG.


Any one else feel this way?!

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This probably should of went in the mega-thread, but whatever. I am in the same Matt Good boat as you. I have seen close to twenty shows as well and been a fan since '97. If anything I found the show in Winnipeg uninspiring. It was still a good show and the band as well Matt played great,I just feel like you do though in that gig had no flow and maybe could of used a few more fan favourites in the set list. With that being said though it was a Hospital Music tour so most of the set list should be derived from it(99%....,Odette were fantastic). Also Matt has only had this band together for three weeks so I will cut him some slack. I think maybe being a hardcore fan that we are harder on Matt than we should be. The only thing that really surprised me though is that Matt didn't come out and play songs acoustically. It could of really spiced things up.

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I felt the same. Plus, the Jube is a great venue for sound, but not for getting into a rock show. It would have been great for Matt to talk to the audience a bit more, too. The show would've felt less rushed.

I also dozed off twice during the opening band. It was kind of a lackluster night all around.

On the bright side, I loved 99% of Failure and Odette a lot, and the Josh Ritter cover was really good.

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