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Some Questions About Shows...

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So I am going to the Nanaimo show on Sunday night. Wish I could be in Vancouver on Thursday but its not possible for me. I'm sure Nanaimo will be good though! Anyway, I just have some basic questions about the shows. Some of them may seem stupid, but I actually have not been to a concert like this before haha.


Are The Spades still opening for Matt in his western shows? I'm pretty sure they are, but I thought I heard that they were only opening for the Ontario shows.


The ticket says it starts at 7:30. Is that when Matt comes on or is that when the opening band comes on? What time should I get there if I want to be there early (when they start letting people in)? How long is Matt usually on stage?


Also, the ticket says "no cameras". Do you think I would have a problem getting in just a normal, cheap digital camera just for taking a few still pictures? I saw some people talking about this on here before.


Thats about it, thanks in advance.

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I can't help you with the Spades, but I am sure they are likely opening. If your ticket says 7:30 that's when the openers come on

All tickets say don't bring cameras, your best bet with that one is to ask someone who has been to one of his shows at the venue with a camera because everywhere is different. Where I am it says not to bring them but the venue doesn't actually care (nor does Mr. Good that I know of)

Hope some of that helped!

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I always have a camera in my bag and it's in the black case, so abit disguised?.. they see it , they say nothing.. they just don't want the big photographer style one... go small or go home? hope that helps. Also they are mainly looking for alchohol or drugs.... they deal with the camera's flashes as it happens..... try no flash. take the pix when the lights go bright. BRING YOUR CAMERA, AND DON'T BE OBNOXIOUS WITH IT.. IT'S ALL GOOD, I'M SURE.

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i went to an MG show last year at a theatre that had a no-camera policy. I just carried it in no problem, and if they are really sticky they will warn u over the PA before the show to take no pictures. However, this is mostly bullshit. As long as you aren't taking tons of flash pics or disturbing the show in any major way, you'll be fine. You'll see other people taking pics so that will mmake u more comfortable.


You won't need your flash much anyways, since the stage will be well-lit and MG likely have a spotlight on him. Pics turn out way better without the flash than with.


Have fun at the show.

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