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How Funny Are You

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take the test and post your result


My results were actually pretty accurate


Your result for The How Funny Are You, Really? Test ...




You're a hit at the lab!...But, on the outside, you probably don't have too many friends. Most people just don't get you. That's ok. I think you're funny.

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2 problems with this test

a) it was stupid

b) i refuse to sign up to see my results



why is fucking with your grandma who doesn't know what caller i.d. is something related to being funny? and when people have too many things for the 12+ checkout, i don't say anything because it doesn't matter.

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What a stupid quiz...yest strangely accurate.



27 Corny, 22 Witty, 17 Sophisticated, 31 Wacky and 23 Overall Sense of Humor




You are the class clown! You leave everybody in stitches...But are they laughing with you or at you?

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28 Corny, 27 Witty, 23 Sophisticated, 21 Wacky and 20 Overall Sense of Humor


You have a decent sense of humor. You don't exactly leave people in stitches, but can crack a good one every once in a while.

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