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A "canadian Idol" Sings Apparitions.

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You can view his performances under "video" at the official Canadian Idol website.


He gets a plus for playing his own guitar. He loses for sounding like a high pitched Chad Kroeger... Good effort I suppose tho.

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None of the videos will play for me, possibly because I'm in the US? If you know of another link, or you can rip it and upload it, let me know. Thanks.

Grrr. It played the advert fine and then came up with a pop-up message saying "Canada Only".


I second the request for a yourtube or other link if anyone knows of one.

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I definitely cringed at this one. I didn't even finish it to hear what the judges had to say about it.


I hate to ask this because I'm slightly embarrassed to admit I paid attention to it: did anyone see it on Americian Idol when the winner, David Cook, sang OLP's Innocent? Wasn't the best performance in the world, but he didn't ruin the song by any means.

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Yes, even my friend who doesn't know much of their stuff at all said he kicked ass and she loves that song now. I'm not into that song, I like their older stuff but I'm definately wanting to see him sing it; still haven't seen it yet.. I never watched AI this season.

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