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Songs for sunny day cruising

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spring is here and we all know that summer is rearing its glorious head. both mean ample sunny days, which lead to cruising around town with your pals listening to happy fun songs. what's your cruising mix?


this is mine:


1. pour some sugar on me- def leppard

2. magic carpet ride- steppenwolf

3. scar tissue- red hot chili peppers

4. my own worst enemy- lit

5. represent, cuba- orishas

6. bittersweet symphony- the verve

7. hey mama- black eyed peas

8. still believe in love- jacksoul

9. feeling this- blink 182

10. i'm too sexy- right said fred

11. song 2- blur

12. this love- maroon 5

13. no rain- blind melon

14. give a little bit- supertramp

15. unbelievable- emf

16. rock your body- justin timberlake

17. drive- incubus

18. ready to go- republica

19. hey ya- outkast


so...anyone got a car? ;)

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mine would be:

1 what ppl do for money-proof

2 blow my buzz- d12

3 my band- d12

4 40 oz- d12

5 stimulate- eminem

6 love me- eminem obie trice 50 cent

7 renegade- eminem jay-z

8 what if i was white?- eminem

9 just dont give a fuck- eminem

10 still dont give a fuck- eminem

11 still dre- dr dre snoop dogg

12 the next episode- dr dre snoop dogg

13 whats the difference- eminem dr dre xzibit

14 wanksta- 50 cent

15 business- eminem

16 magic stick- 50 cent lil kim

17 bully- eminem

18 can-i-bitch- eminem

19 love you more- eminem

20 i wana fuck a dog- blink 182

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I like Rammstein for cruising, nothing freaks people out like a car full of white guys shouting along with German metal.....so many dirty looks from old folks..

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whats super fun is serenading strangers in the cars next to you (especially in highway jams, believe me, been there) with easy listening favorites. My faves are 1.Baby i Love Your Way - Peter Frampton

2.Aint No Sunshine- I Dont Know Who Its by

3.Take My Breath Away- BERLIN (not this stupid new Jessica Simpson shit with the boring music video)

and then add some old school Korn for good measure (grade 7 style...the one with that music video with the cartoon kids and the bullet...i dont remember what its called)

and any Green Day and/or Chilis is always acceptable

oh and one more thing: cruisin aint nothin without some over the top rap. where my hoes at?

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wow, i just made a cd yesterday with songs specifically for 'sunny day cruising'. this is what mine had on it:


01 Rilo Kiley - Spectacular Views

02 Bright Eyes - Falling Out of Love at this Volume

03 The Weakerthans - The Reasons

04 Belle and Sebastian - Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying

05 The Postal Service - Such Great Heights

06 Ugly Casanova - Parasites

07 The Unicorns - I Was Born (A Unicorn)

08 Desaparecidos - Greater Omaha

09 Azure Ray - If You Fall

10 Radiohead - Just (You Do it to Yourself)

11 The Sea and Cake - Hotel Tell

12 Ride - Vapour Trail

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