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I was linked to this by a friends blog. It's funny, and stupid at the same time. It's a rant about right wing people hating on the movie. (there are words, and maybe images on the site not suitable for everyone, also might be spoilers to the film if you have yet to watch it, you were warned!)





With that said I have yet to actually watch the film. Though this kinda stupidity surrounding it might have ruined it for me =/



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It was a blatant shot at wal-mart bit chains, taking over the little man. lazy people ruining the planet. The part about people being stuck in chairs, was to my remembrance based in some truth that if you were born and raised in space your bone mass would affected due to gravity. I guess you could say the ship had it but...regardless that didn't appear to be the intention of the movie.


It was very very political for a pixar/disney kids movie. I was shocked, that said I liked the wall-e- story a lot it was adorable.

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Robots are cool ;)


I do want to watch this movie, I think it'd be quite entertaining. I'll wait until it comes out on DVD seeing as the lines at the theatres are going to be nuts cuz of Batman.

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Saw it last night. It was fucking adorable - and gorgeous from a visual stand point. :angry:


Total geek ass moment: I couldn't help but notice the folks at Pixar took full advantage of the acronym for Buy'N'Large. ;)

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