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I was going to make a DC thread too. No, don't have any live stuff...


I like the lead singer's voice and I'm going to get their CD soon. Kissing comes up a lot in their songs. "Kiss me hard / Because it's the last time I'll let you"

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hey mate you're intitled to your own opinion that's fair yeah...


but i'm sure we could say the same to some of your musical tastes...


whatever the case, Dashboard are an amazing band. perphaps you don't like their music/lyrics, but we cna't say they're not talented and he doesn't write good music.


i do understand some of his stuff is depressing if not most of it, and about girls and relationship and his exs and what not, but still its good shit.

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i guess its cool if your from the suburbs, and dont know anything about music.

What does where I live have to do with my knowledge of music? If I had bad taste in music, I wouldn't even post on this board.


I just realized that there's no set definition of emo. Whiny lyrics? Post-grunge/nu-metal. Emotional? A lot of Pink Floyd, MG(B), Bruce Springsteen. If there's any other stereotypes, I'll think of them later.

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