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Portrait Of Artist In Jungle (new Demo)

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its great until the vocals in all honesty.



by which I mean, the vocal melody is good, just the vocals are meh to me

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I think it sounds good. I really like it once the drums kick in with the piano. I honestly think the vocal sound good, just a different effect on them which is interesting. I just hope as the song goes on there it isn't the same piano and drums the whole time, but I'm sure it changes up as that is only the first 2 minutes.


The only other demos I have heard are On Nights Like Tonight and Us Remains Impossible. I kind of forget how they sound now because I only heard them a few times while they were on the site, but I know I really liked them. I am very excited for the new album.

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Vocals aren't soo bad.. If they were polished it'd probably sound great.


Without the vocals the melody is great, even without the drums; It'd make a cool intro song, fading in and out, lasting no more than 1 to 2 minutes.

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