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What Is This?

What is this?  

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  1. 1. What is this?

    • Turtle without a shell
    • Strange monster
    • Undiscovered animal

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an falcon alien. maybe it's the god horus. we need to find his spaceship and discover the secrets of the pyramids.


as an aside, i fucking love the people who write for gawker. i seriously hope that this is part of a viral marketing campaign for ali lohan's new album.

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sounds like the consensus is that the monster is actually a decomposed dog that someone had tied up and then thrown into the water. it apparently bears resemblance to the bone structure of a pug or a bulldog of some sort.


well, that's not as cool as i was hoping. kinda sad, actually. very sad.

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it's not a beak. it's what is left of the dog's nose after decomposition. resembling this quite a bit:




look at its body, the way the legs bend, the tail!, what looks to be the only fur left atop of the head.


if the nose has decomposed, then that would explain the lack of ears as well.

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