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garden state

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The Garden State teaser trailer is the best trailer I've ever seen (and I watch A LOT of trailer). I bet I've seen the trailer 50 times since it came out in March. Second--I love this movie. I've seen it three times and will probably see it at least twice more while it's still in theatres. This movie just clicked for me. I know that it's not a movie for everyone--in fact, I think it isn't a movie for most people--but it is high up in my Top 10 list.

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This movie was great. I saw it on opening night in a smaller theatre in Ottawa and it was well worth the money and the trip out there.


This movie is at one turn beautiful and emotional and the very next second can have you in hysterics with either a subtle or obvious joke. The movie seems to be split in two parts with the first being downright entertaining and hilarious and the second becoming more disjointed and less funny, yet more emotional. The soundtrack is a display of what you would expect to hear in your current hipster doofus (like me) cd player, ranging from The Shins to Nick Drake to Frou Frou. The music is great but at times seems pasted in because it sounds cool, rather than actually fitting the scene.


The movie is slightly reminiscent of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in the whole repressed/depressed guy falls for quirky girl that changes his life and at times seem perfect together. This movie falls short of Eternal in my mind but does have quite some merit. And while Braff may not be Kaufman when writing or Gondry when directing, he does gives us some great dialogue and beautiful shots that show awesome potential. This was of course his first real try at directing and writing.


In closing it does have some of the typical romantic comedy characteristics, and some corny, predictable scenes but manages to overcome them easily. I definitely recommend this to pretty much anyone who goes in with an open mind, especially if you're a hopeless romantic in your teens to twenties.

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Best movie of the year!


It doesn't follow a normal three act structure and it's great. It's just one of those movies where stuff kinda happens, but it's still driven forward by the main character's personal journey.


And check out Zach Braff's blog, it's very funny:



It's nice to see a Garden State when all summer you're fed Without a Pabble and Alien vs. Predator.

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