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Old Demo?

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Not sure about Itunes, but as to it being left off AOB from what I remember I think Matt once said he found the piano on the track to be somewhat flat or too lifeless or something.


Definately a great song though; personally I always thought the piano fit the mood and lyrics of the song perfectly.

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Not sure why this was bumped (I assume davidw needed some NF$), but "All Together" was officially released on iTunes as the bonus track on In a Coma.


If anyone actually bought the track there (seemed like an easy choice - $25 for "All Together" on iTunes or $25 for the bonus DVD of videos at the store), they never shared it out.


Matt intended for it to appear on the hard copy of In a Coma, but he realized it wouldn't fit once he'd finished the recordings for Rooms (disc two).


I tried asking him after the Kitchener show in June if he could put "All Together" on iTunes as a separate track, but I'm not sure I got the words out right. (I assume he'd have to get Universal to do it, if they'd even be willing.)

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