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Motivating The Hell Out Of Me

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Guest apsham


I seriously listen to this song every morning now to try and keep myself as motivated as possible, as I have been recently, haha.


It's a revelation, a moment of clarity

And I am trapped inside this moment where deadlines are left to die

And I guess I am truly free

My brain was spent, I worried as I fell in knee deep

Where consequences, circumstances suffocated and I could barely breathe

And by all means this rain should be bringing me down

Seattle's keeping me in tune with just right now

And a song that seems to be so oddly timed..

Outside the rain falls, the city's cold and miserable but I'm not

All we are is all we've started

All could all be gone...




I often wonder if I will ever finish all that I have started

And the answer that I have found is no

No I will never finish all that I've started

Because life is about doing the process and not the result

Life is about doing whether you want to or not

My life, a constant work in progress

And I wouldn't have it any other way


Take a look back, is that what you wanted?

Chances are that is not whats intended to be

Cause it's gonna get better, than everything, everything

Everything as you'll see comes together in its own ironic sort of way

So live it just today, live it just today

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