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Sarah Palin Vp

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I read this and thought you said "his age and his health make him questionable, and obviously not a two TIMER." :angry:


And then I was going to post "I certainly hope not. That'd be pretty gross." ;)


But then I re-read it and all was well again in the warped mind of a one Miss Emily over here. :angry:

Emily, Methinks you have impressed me. I nearly breathed out ice coffee through my ears reading this.

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I've been watching clips of her speak and I just don't see how a soul could stand her on this planet. She sounds like she doesn't know jack shit and is getting fed lines here and there in everything that I have personally seen her reading, blah.

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I just saw some footage of her on TV from her Governor's campaign...talking abou gun ownership...at least she's a better shot than Dick Cheney.

Yeah, she'll shoot the imaginary baby killing, paranoid because idiots can get control of powerful weapons, and overall just plain out crazy liberal in the trees.


Of course, that might be her wishing that is what the moose she is shooting would be.

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