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Noel Gallagher Attacked On Stage!

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Don't understand why idiots like this act the way they do? No need for it. Was anyone actually there on the weekend and saw what happened? I've seen the video's and I guess the guy got charged, i mean... he was 47 years old, probably has a wife and kids. Complete douchebag.


Either way, the boys came back out and finished the set. Noel supposedly went to the hospital to get checked for a cracked rib though.


Liam sounded quality at the gig though, listening to the bootleg that's out already.

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;) He was heading for Liam straight after wasn't he?


Looks like they've postponed their following gig as Noel's still injured.


A guy who flew over from the UK said the security was so shit he actually bullshitted his way backstage and proved it by posting various pics of him with Oasis and Weller !?


Couldn't make it up !

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Yeah, his blogs have been posted two days behind from the start.


It's clearly him though - at the very least, he's probably telling Gem (or someone to do with Oasis; over the phone ?) and then whoever will type it up and upload it for him.


If it wasn't him it wouldn't be uploaded to inet, and wouldn't come off nearly as convincing as it sounds, I mean Noel + computer = scepticism for just about every Oasis fan, so there's bound to be doubt no matter what he posts.


New post ! (I've added the link, if you didn't get it)





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it's a funny forum, been on it for ages. i wouldn't advise new people to come online to it though... lol but it was one of the first forums i ever joined. some funny times/people.


it's him writing it, probably not sitting down at the computer and doing it himself but he's at least got someone taking notes.

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Oasis are being forced to postpone three further shows as a result of the injuries Noel sustained when he was attacked on stage in Toronto.


A CT scan has now revealed that Noel suffered three broken and dislodged ribs in the attack and he has been advised by his doctor that he will not be able to perform for at least another week.

What with the New York date, just think how many people that cunt's royally fucked over.

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stranger things have happened in the world. it's not too hard to believe that when you get blindsided and forcefully pushed from behind onto your monitor that it might have caused a bit of damage.


either way, good one the boys for coming back and playing the shows they've been forced to cancel.


new Oasis album is out on tuesday as well!

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