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It's Been Awhile Since I Was Your Man

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I don't know if this has been mentioned already... i didn't see it anywhere. I haven't seen anything official on the net yet, but at the radio station i work at we just got it sent to us! To me that would mean its the next single. I'm gonna play it this afternoon. I'm excited.

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jeremy's spoken..

i don't usually use people's user names if i can find their real names..

except mr chips. thats a pretty sweet user name.

edit: i just realized your name was jeremy too. haha goodness..

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seems to be a pattern in the releases made by mg lately, first he has an uptempo one come out, followed by a slower, mid tempo-ish one, followed by another uptempo one


White Light - Alert Status Red, It's Been A While, .... guessing Buffalo Seven

Avalanche - Weapon, In A World Called Catastrophe, Near Fantastica

AOB - ummm doesn't follow the theory lol

Beautiful Midnight - Hello Time Bomb, Strange Days, Load Me Up ( i think thats right ?)

Underdogs - Everything Is Automatic, Apparitions, Rico

LOTGA - hahah not sure which ones were singles, twas before my days...

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Actually in Beautiful Midnight, it went Time Bomb, Load Me Up, Strange Days, X-Rated


But if you modified your theory to say that he usually sandwiches slower songs in between more uptempo songs, I think you'd be absolutely right.


The only time that doesn't really work is Ghetto Astronauts where it goes Alabama, Symbolistic, Haven't Slept in Years... none of those are exactly slow, but Alabama's probably the most mid-tempo-ish.

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You know, I like 'It's Been Awhile Since I Was Your Man' a lot, but it seems like an awful choice as a second single. It's good as an album track but I can't see people wanting to go out and buy the cd because of that song. 'In Love With A Bad Idea' is a much better choice. It's a lot more catchy and doesn't alienate any fans like a personal song like It's Been Awhile might.

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A note from MG:


Reasons to know what the next "single" is when you already own the record and thus all of the potential "singles":


1] You are being held captive by guerrillas who are refusing to release you and ten other aid workers unless information pertaining to the next single is released to them.


2] Your dealer refuses to extend you a “line of credit” unless you either blow him or cough up the title of the next single.


3] You are a super being from another galaxy who has come to earth to save mankind from an unknown parasite invader. The only way to defeat this alien parasite scum? Blast them with the “new” single as soon as possible.

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