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Canadian Election

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As we are all aware, there is a Canadian Election coming up October 14th. As an expatriate of Canada (but not disenfranchised). I'm looking for some high quality discussion of what is going on.


I have spent the last 2 hours reading the party webpages, and plan to continue till I've waded through most of the BS. I'm not privy to the debate coverage, nor even the highlight reel.


Normally I would also factor in my local MP's commitment, whether they actually knock on my door (or send a lackey to do so) tells me a lot about them. I also use the friendly chat to judge whether I think they are completely hapless.


So tell me what is going on. I want the stories from the ground. If anybody can give me some local context, I vote in my last location of permeant residence which is Saskatoon-Blackstrap.


Thanks All.

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