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I've given it a handful of listens and I'm pleasantly surprised. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much after DBTT, and when I found out Ain't Got Nothing (aka Got Nothing on Me) made the album, I started to fear the worst. But I've enjoyed The Shock of the Lightning and Falling Down ever since their first airplay so my hopes were raised a little.


As for the album, it starts off exceptionally but sort of tails off towards the end, I think. I'd choose it instantly over DBTT and Heathen Chemistry mind, but it's not a favourite.


I'll see how they translate over as live on Friday. ;)

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As for the album, it starts off exceptionally but sort of tails off towards the end, I think. I'd choose it instantly over DBTT and Heathen Chemistry mind, but it's not a favourite.

that's the problem in having the first four songs be all noel's. it sets the bar far too high for the second half. in some cases, this kind of technique works for bands with multiple songwriters, as they use their differences to play off of one another. here it just highlights the weaknesses of liam, gem and andy because none of them are good enough at writing to have a style that's distanced enough from noel to be interesting, yet they're different enough from him that it's noticeable; they lack the chops to write really hard-hitting songs. not to dismiss their output outright, but it's no coincidence that the second half is incredibly monotonous and only has two contributions from noel.


as far as the album is concerned, it sounds like an oasis album, but it's hardly the "return to form" the music press is heralding it as.

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It's a weird album...I don't dislike any song on it but a lot of them are definite growers (The nature of Reality and High Horse).


Bag It Up: Strange opener, pretty good song.


The Turning: Absolutely love it. New sound for Oasis and one of my favourite on the record.


Waiting For The Rapture: Good song. Not as good as Bag It Up and the alternate version #2 is way better. Noel said he was listening to The Doors and re-recorded the song after (Compare it to 5 to 1).


The Shock of the Lightening: It's a single...'nuff said


I'm outta time: Liam at his best...again...it's right up there with Born on a Different Cloud to me. DBTT didn't give us Liam's best but he's back on that one!


(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady: Weird, too country-ish...unintelligible Oasis song...but it gets stuck in your head after a while.


Falling Down: Noel back in good form! The Masterplan quality song, reminder of Noel's songs with The Chemical Brothers (their remix is just aweful though). It's an awesome song!


To Be Where There's Life: I like most of Gem's song and this one is no exception.


Ain't Got Nothing: WTF is that doing on the record? It's not a bad song but it's the same kind of low quality song than The Meaning of Soul.


The Nature of Reality: A grower...hated it at first now I kind of like it.


Soldier On: Nice song but forgettable just like Better Man was. The Boy With The Blues could have replaced this one (or Ain't Got Nothing).


I Believe In All: Same feeling than Soldier On


The Boy With The Blues: Awesome...comparable to I'm Outta Time to me and should have been on the regular record.


The Turning (Alt version #4): Pretty good but not as good as the final version.


Waiting for the Rapture (Alt version #2): Better than the album version but the ending sounds too much like Let There Be Love.


The remix all suck.


All in all, it's another non completely great Oasis records. It's got a lot of better moments than DBTT and of courde, definitely better than Heather Chemistry.

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