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Dear Sandiego

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i'm pretty sure they are reworking it. because a few days ago i remember either reading on his site or his twitter that dale, duane and him were redoing it. he tried started a site a few days ago called Bangkok Rubdown. but booted the idea. im sure he will have it up and running soon. I am exicted to read these! i just hope he prints them physically too.

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Yep, as Austin said, he's reworking it--or at least that was the last I heard on his Twitter. He said since he wasn't updating Dear San Diego enough, he was going to combine it with his just-for-fun Bangkok Rubdown site.


He's deleted all of the Tweets about that now, so that may not be the plan anymore at all, but hopefully the DSD stuff comes back in one form another. I was really getting into it. ;)

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