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Weezer In Vancouver Tonight!

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Ah I'm excited about the Weezer concert in Vancouver tonight! I've been wanting to see them live for years. Anyone else going tonight?


Last time they came to Vancouver 3 years ago they played at the Commodore Ballroom, the show was 19+ and although I was 19 all my friends were still 18 so we didn't go.

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I just got back from the concert and I have to say one of the best concerts I have ever been to.


They played a good mix of songs with a few from each album and to my surprise and joy they played Pink Triangle off Pinkerton. Tom from Angels and Airwaves came up and sang the Sweater song with Weezer, awesome. They also switched around instruments a bit which was really cool where for example Pat (the drummer) would play guitar, Rivers would play drums, and some mix of 1 or more of the rest of the band would sing.


One of the coolest parts was that they had a fucking hootenanny where people who submitted videos of themselves plaing Weezer songs got to come up on stage and play a couple songs with the band. There was about 20 people with a cool mix of instruments, guitars, a banjo, trumpet, xylophone some drums and a violin. The 20 people would all play while Rivers would get the crowd to sing certain parts of the song with him. It was really awesome.


Me and my friends were right up there in front of the stage, it got a bit rough but everyone was mostly pretty cool. The tickets were only $64 after service charges and taxes and it was definitely wrth every penny. If anyone gets the chance to go to one of the concerts on their current tour, take that chance!

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