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Good 'wooing' Matt Good Songs

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Do you have a new girl in your life, what MG song do you play for her, or him, to kick off that stage of the relationship, so she can see you have a great taste in music?


I usually have to go with all of Hospital Music, or Audio Of Being.

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I used to have this mixed Cd of all my favourite Matt songs.... must have been in and around the time that White Light came out. That worked pretty well, as well as AOB and Loser Anthems. My mix was something like this:


symbolistic white walls


Inescapable us

prime time deliverance


i miss new wave


man from harold wood

fine art of falling apart

truffle pigs

the rat who would be king

Sort of a Protest song



house of smoke and mirrors

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There's a couple of mix discs in the multichanger that we listen to in bed... these matt songs on it...


Primetime Deliverance(Acoustic)

Generation X-Wing(Acoustic)



I miss new wave

Metal Airplanes

A Single Explosion


Empty Road(Acoustic)

House Of Smoke And Mirrors

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I just sent my current girlfriend some MG songs that I liked, and that got her hooked. This is what I remember sending:


Sort of a Protest Song

A Single Explosion

Flight Recorder From Viking 7

Running for Home


Almost certainly some more, but she ended up getting more of his stuff on her own and now really likes his music.

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I made my girlfriend a Matt Good Mix CD - appropriately titled "Matthew Good Loves You"


From off the top of my head, the CD had


Giant - can't believe no one mentioned this one yet


Song for the Girl


Change of Season

Truffle Pigs


thats all i can think of off the top of my head. But it definitely served its purpose ;)

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My ex liked weapon solely because of the first line that I would sing along with "here by my side... an angel"


I guess she didn't realize that the rest of the song wasn't really about a girl lol. Oh well, it made her happy


Other than that I'd probably go with....


True Love Will Find You In The End

Empty Road


Strange Days

Hello Time Bomb (just adding a hit to trigger their memory of mgb)


I'm probably missing some but a lot of good ones have already been suggested

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The more I think about this thread the more weird I find it... I find that most of Matt's music is a little to pointed for setting the mode. Sure you've got some great music for that context, but if you actually think about the lyrics, almost nothing is appropriate.

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