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Moon Over Marin

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Moon Over Marin is the final track on the Dead Kennedys' album, Plastic Surgery Disasters. The song is about pollution in the Marin area of California. The song is a fine example of guitarist East Bay Ray's ability to blend surf music with punk rock. It is arguably one of the earliest examples of "surf punk", not to be confused with the late-1970s-early 1980s cabaret act Surf Punks.


The song was covered by Matthew Good for his 2007 album Hospital Music, transforming it into a slow, downbeat, folky number, perhaps adding even more irony to the dark lyrics.


the Original is pretty awesome, but Matt is able to transform it.

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i agree, a newer version of an older orginal song can be a lot better, and moon over marin is way better than the orginal. johnny cash with his hurt cover from nine inch nails, pretty much stole it, and nine inch nails cant top that cover, especially when cash changed some of the lyrics to his own life story....

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I haven't heard any other songs by the Dead Kennedys before. Does his voice always sound like that?


And, if we're posting versions of Hurt, I love this one. ;)


Jello Biafra's voice is one of a kind. Listen to his spoken word, he hasn't changed. or listen to classic


Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia


and then Pull My Strings. They were asked to perform Hoiday In Cambodia in front of all these Record Execs

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I recognize the Johnny Cash cover of Hurt. However I'm fairly certain I've never actually sat down and listened to it specifically.

Any idea where I'd have heard it?? Was it in a movie or a TV show or something...


Grrrr this is going to bug me now.




Personally I enjoy MG's cover of Enjoy the Silence more than the original from depech mode.

Another really good cover of that song is from LaCuna Coil

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