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favorite moments in songs

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there are so many smaller moments in matthew good (band) songs that i enjoy but i thought people could post them here


to start off..


in weapon when he sings: this is where the world drops off


in umbrellaless: the part where the girl sings i'm sorry and over top matt sings you let it rain


in hello time bomb: the quieter repeat of my devils on rollerskates


those are a few i'll post more once this thread gets going a bit

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Bad Skies: "Just understand understanding"

Indestructable: the bass at the very beginning (melt)

Push: The last 2 lines-"Don't look down, just push."

and there are 50 more-even if I put all 50, there would still be 50 more that I hadn't put.

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I really love hearing the verse from "Primetime Deliverence"...


They found her in her in room

Wearing a pink bunny suit

In sour cherry lipstick

Hanging from the closet door

Her eyes were wide

Maybe to dispise

Maybe just to look into your headlight morning glow

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"here's a quarter for the phone... why don't you call someone and find out how it is we can all belong to something that no one wants any part of." (advertising on police cars)


that song gives me chills. however, reading the lyrics and hearing the actual song changes things so much...


for instance... one of my favorite verses of mg's is:

"a robot heart for a robot boy... who dreamed he was a lion... OUR LIVES IN THESE EMPTY SPACES ASIDE.... (and i'm tired of walkin around with my hand on my gun... tired of watching them wind you up to see if you'll run... so, now i'm gonna go out and have me some fun... cause i'm tired of walking around here with my hand on my gun)


his vocals on the capitalized verse above are orgasmic. ....meh.


of course in "let's get it on" when he says "let's get it on"... and it just makes you so pissed and cynical... gotta love that.


"the war is over".... at the very end when he so passionately says it over and over...





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Holly McNarland with Matt on Flight Recorder From Viking 7. It's just so perfect. Their voices really compliment each other.

Yes. Also...


Advertising On Police Cars - chorus/music immediately after 'when it calls to you will you wake up'


Breakbeat ('skip') intro of Near Fantastica.


Sort Of A Protest Song: 'our lives in these empty spaces aside'


Build-up to, and chorus of, Avalanche.


Born To Kill: 'it's more than the less you say you do, it's more than the shot that gets you through, born to buy in to something, born...to kill.' the second and third times those lines occur in the song.


And of course...the entire first 90 seconds or so of Giant. That's gotta be a classic.

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all together: when he says 'rest in strangers' arms

indestructable: the second verse, i died in an amusement park accident I CAME BACK FOR YOU.. so you wouldn't be alone, AND IF I GO AWAY AGAIN.. you can have my stereo..

i just love how he goes from sounding all mad to sounding.. way different. the caps shows when hes mad haha.

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The parts mentioned are some of my favourites too.


In Prime Time Deliverance I love how it all sounds when he says, "They eat Chinese food / And they don't call their wives / 'Cause the girl in the window is pressing her breasts up against the window pane"

And "headlight morning glow" is amazing.


In Jenni's Song: "I know what it means: "you got me"

We're not sick we just need it for the weekends

On mondays it's gone

I used to think I was invisible, beside you i'd crumble

You wait for it and you wait for it, you wait for it and it's gone"


All of Strange Days. And so much more.

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i love in a boy and his machine gun where he goes in and out of being qiuet to being loud and passionate


i also love in invasion one: dropped off the face of the earth, bobby is my hero for that, especially how he sings that

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Jenni's song... gah, I love that one way too much. Especially the part you mentioned, Crystal.


Also: 'Crawl from the sea, wait for some thumbs, a greatness to breed, build the mall of America...'


From 'The Rat Who Would Be King' is indescribably good.

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i know who you're waiting for

no one's coming though

so fuck you and your principals

and fuck whatever made me

perhaps you think i'm evil

perhaps you think i'm crazy


a boy and his machine gun




In Jenni's Song: "I know what it means: "you got me"

We're not sick we just need it for the weekends

On mondays it's gone

I used to think I was invisible, beside you i'd crumble

You wait for it and you wait for it, you wait for it and it's gone"



'Headlight, morning glow...' in Prime Time Deliverance is also the best.




Giant: "It reminds me how uniform you're beautiful if"


Strange Days: "the cars on the freeway are moving backward into a wall of fire" (a great climax to one of the best songs)


Born To Kill: The instrumentals at the end...pure genius


The Rat Who Would Be King: The whole song because of Matt's voice


All Together: "Rest in strangers arms"


Life Beyond The Minimum Safe: "Miles away" (because i love the harmonies)


Blue Skies Over Badlands: The 3 minute instrumentals at the end...Now that's rock and roll.

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- like my sig, from Symbolistic White Walls:

"Its al-riiiight now...take the world and make it yours again,

YOURS again!...

YOURS again!..."


- from "She's got a New Disguise":

"What will it cost to buy you back?

To buy your eyes...to buy your smile?"


and at the end of the song:


"And all i want is you,

all i want is the truth,

all i waaaaaaa-aah-ooohh-oh-oh-aaahh-oh-oh-oh-oooohhhhhhhhhh..."


i love that part! where MG just wails on that last word.


- the end of "Everyname is my Name", when MG finally says "and then the credits roll...and everyname is my name"


- the opening to "Long Way Down"

- the opening drum beat on "Lullaby for a New World Order"

- the quitar solo parts in "Radio Bomb"

- the whole beautiful chorus from "While We Were Hunting Rabbits"!!


- and especially, from "Omissions of the Omen":

"Man makes god so god can make man

man makes the devil so that he can understand

why it is that every day,

everything always turns out this way"


and at the end when he finally says "and kill the moon and turn out the sun...omissions of the omen"

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FAVOURITE sONG AND BEST PRODUCED sONG,, wOOO caps lOCK.. I believe the song is 21 century living,,,


Today day i was asked obne question "would you like that supersized"


the best line is I'll supersize a death with a Coke!1


I Love the production of that song so much.....



hmm what else...

uhh the "Protest Song"


SO tired of walking around With my hand on my gun"


rthats how I feel somtimes...



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