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favorite moments in songs

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We're So Heavy: the bass part that comes in before he sings "we're so heavy" and the guitar solo part that comes in after "while this city's sleeping"


Empty Road: slide guitar after the "ahhhh....yeah" part


Hunting Rabbits: intro


HOSAM: "You can see, right through me..."


A Long Way Down: drum intro

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i love then he sings 'loves not enough' at like 5:58. on the rat who would be king. well the whole song is so emotion-filled. i like the way you can tell hes holding back emotion. that adds to it.. anything from the 5 min mark and on is super strong.

and.. i love the guitar at the end of double life. makes me happy.

i love all of pony boy haha. i'm a pony boy!

it seems that when we quote lyrics, im most cases we don't even have to say what song its from. we're cool.

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That point near the end of "Failing The Rorschach Test" when it gets quiet and slowly builds while he sings "This ain't real baby, got a better excuse for myself." and then the music kicks back in.




And the chorus in Suburbia.

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I like in native son- right when the guitar starts you can hear him say Arriba.


Alabama motel room- "in an alabama motel room I have one of them tied up in the bathroom i am down and out but he will not get away with it again" ==== I like the conviction in that


-The intro into Generation X Wing - And the part about the sister in the shower


_I really like the inescapable us off underdogs especially the "We are better butterflys" part just how his voice sounds


In Rico- "where he says everyone wants to be something, me I'm garbage" i yell that all the time


Fated-what can I saw about fated - amazing song all the way through makes me cry


Apparitions- A Rat in your brAIN!!!!!!! this gets stuck in your head


Jenni's song-I like how its ; this aint me im not sick i just need it for the weekend on mondays its gone--- reminds me of alcholics i know


Rosharch test- Mother told me to be something so im afraid--- always makes me think of how my mom is disappointed with me but hey its still cool how he says it


Load Me Up- The guitar intro rules simply amazing


Giant- kick ass thats the way you spell success-- how can you not like someone who works cheerleaders into a song?


Flashdance 2- im a naughty monkey and i really think this band is shit---- plus the whole she was a dancer i was outta work, she had a law degree i used to be a clerk, she takes her clothes off for the japanese, i take my clothes off whenever it suits me ------I just think thats clever



I type more but you guys probably quit reading have way through

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There's so many I can think of .. but most of them have already been nailed so here's a couple others that come to mind.


Change of Season :


"I feel like we're drinking and driving

I feel like we're running into walls

I feel like swimming in your apathy

You know I'd love to be your conscience when it calls"


The Fine Art of Falling Apart :


IMO, the whole song is amazing but mainly,


"And baby, there ain't enough room in this world

For perfection's like you

And monsters like me"


I'm sure its been mentioned before and I missed it but the guitar solo on Blue Skies for Bad Lands is simply awesome. I was walking home from a party late one night while listening to that song and it was really starting to get under my skin. Not too many songs can do that to me.. the whole distortion effect was quite creepy.

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Everything I thought about putting on here was pretty much said already. But I don't think anyone mentioned in "The Fine Art of Falling Apart" when he says:


You see I used to think I'd get over everything,

but everything just got over me...


Because its so true! That line is like my life, I swear.

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If everyone's a casualty

Then take your time there ain't no trouble

If the weather's fine and we're feeling crazy

There's always drinks and dancing in the rubble

I'm spinning and you're spinning

And the world's spinning and we're laughing

And I'm charming, the devil's charming

And we're ruined but we're building

And I'm selling and you're counting

The world's stopping but we keep going

And we're ruthless and we're cunning

And I'm heir to it all


thats my fav, well one of the many of course, but it sends so many strong metal images that why i love it

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