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favorite moments in songs

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since the rat who would be king is my favorite song ever, any moment (specially the last part of the song) and lines like, for example, "And I've a grenade With our names scratched on the side

But that's love And you know that love's not enough" which sends shivers down my spine

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i might be the only one who loves LOTGA the most.. so a lot of these are from LOTGA:


Alabama Motel Roon - i LOVE the intro to this.. and when he sings "the gun it lies next to me.. whispering"


Symbolistic White Walls - it's the live version.. "open your eyes the nights and days.." that whole extra chorus is my favourite!


Native Son - the clapping and at the end when he goes "look mom no hands"


Havent Slept In Years (raygun version) - the intro is so kickass! (it was also the first song i learned to play on guitar)


Radio Bomb - "you be starsky and ill be hutch"


War is Over - when he's yelling at the end "war is over war is over"


Omissions - "man made god so god could make man.. man makes the devil so that he can understand why it is that every day everything always turns out this way"


that should be good for now.. ill post later albums after

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