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Purchasing Domains

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what is the difference (if there is one) between owning a domain name and simply registering it? how does a company get the rights to sell a domain?


a friend of mine says that registering with go daddy is the best way because they are certified and it means you own the name. is this true? i'm about to register a few domains and am trying to figure out the best route, but i'm having a bit of a hard time finding information about this type of stuff. is there a way to to buy these and own them forever, or will i always have to pay a yearly fee and lose the name if i don't?


any knowledge you can share on this topic is greatly appreciated.

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I only know how it works on the mechanics side (As in DNS tree stuff). I think that when you register with any company they take a fee to maintain a DNS entry for you. If you stop paying, they stop holding the name for you, and you could lose it. To my knowledge there is no way to own a domain forever (as you need to get a top level DNS entry, and you can't do that yourself).


I suspect others will know more.

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Far from it. I prefer places like Enom.com or Namecheap.com as they don't try to sell you their super ultimate discount fun fun hosting package everytime you register a domain.


Although GoDaddy is okay for most users but just make sure you have all their retarded checkboxes unticked or you might end up ordering things you don't want. Be sure to Google some coupon codes for whatever registrar you decide to go with!

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