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Recieving Faxes On Computer

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On windowz you need to install the fax machine thing... or at least you did on older windows.


On OS X... if you have a modem installed, then you need to add a fax machine in Print & Fax, and then you can configure it's receive options.


I can give more detail if I know what you want to know.

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We where ask a question about getting computers to receive faxes... though getting an e-fax number is by far the easiest... or getting a fax machine.


On windows you have to install the fax stuff, and then set it up... damned if I can remember how to do it.




Google for the win!

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What my dad's business used to do is have a dial-up modem installed in your computer, then install fax software on your computer. I'm sure you can get some free shit somewhere.


Plug your fax line into your modem, and the fax software will pick-up the call & WHAMMO!!


To send, i'd imagine you'd need a scanner to send hard copies (or a digital camera & a steady hand LOL) & send it through the fax software.


the e-fax thingy sounds cool & easy though.

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