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Why the fuck is google spamming my ads with "Vote Yes on 8" and "McCain/Palin" ads.


Make them go away!!! AWAY!!!


Oh and FYI, voting 'Yes' on 8 is saying "I'm an intolerant fuck who hates gay people". Nothing else do it... they can stop all the bs about it, because that is it, plain and simple.

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Sadly the election is over, they are gone now.


In other news California hates gays. San Francisco considers becoming own state of "Fruitopia".


Ok, the last part is BS, but the first part is sadly true.

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it's a coca cola product. what the hell kinda fruitopia are YOU talking about?

it wasn't developed by coca-cola, it was purchased and exploited by them... just like barq's rootbeer, snapple, etc.


fruitopia was created by a leader of a white supremacist organization.

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This thread has just made my morning. The california repealing the gay marriage law thing sucks big time though.


Those Nazis, they may have wanted to kill everyone who wasn't one of their kind, but they made a damned good soda.

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