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She's faking the American accent and once she's mastered it she'll be fine in the role, it's just that right now she's being too emotive in her enunciation.


Overall, great show and easily my favourite new show of the season.

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i was getting a bit annoyed with the show, but last night's episode helped redeem it in my mind. until last night, the show had been relying on a simple formula that they rarely faltered from: start off with a weird death, reveal a bit more about "the pattern," the characters' cloudy pasts, solve said weird death by performing an off-the-wall kind of experiment. i enjoyed it, but it started to get a bit tiresome and predictable.


thankfully, last night's episode changed that by departing from the usual formula. i understand the role that the formula plays in the show's watchability, particularly from the standpoint of a viewer who is catching the show for the first time, or an irregular viewer, but i was glad to see things get shaken up a bit for people who've been following the entire time.


did anyone else catch it?


SPOILER (Highlight to View)
i'm glad olivia is starting to catch on to the idea that she can't trust massive dynamic, and maybe not even her boss. if she exposes him and his relationship to massive dynamic and "the pattern" (like i imagine she will, probably at the end of the season) i wonder how she'll continue to "fight" massive dynamic, especially if it is against the gov't, or at least, without the consent of the FBI
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we need an alex krycek on this show to mix it up a bit.


her boss is nothing like skinner sadly ;)


I just finished an unheard of X-files marathon.... all 9 seasons from December 25th until today. I have to say that "the wire" guy is just as badass as skinner.... just give him time, it's only season 1. We didnt get to know skinner as anything more than a "tight ass authority figure" until the end of season 3.


THe last episode of Fringe really impressed me. I like the possible direction they're going, and it was kind of a risky move for the series I think, but it will help to define it from the X-files... hopefully it doesnt get nearly as convoluted near the end.

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