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hey guys,


found this interesting...


from edge 102.1fm...



1. Death of Kurt Cobain.

2. Edison invents recorded sound.

3. Invention of the electric guitar.

4. Collapse of the Mercer Arts Centre and CBGBs convinced to have a rock night.

5. Ramones at the Roundhouse 1976.

6. Sex Pistols swear at Bill Grundy.

7. The release of the first Sex Pistols single, “Anarchy in the UK”.

8. Nirvana releases Nevermind.

9. First online downloads.

10. Invention of the MP3.

11. Patti Smith releases first (?) punk single.

12. Perry Farrell sees the Pixies at Reading.

13. David Bowie says "I'm Gay," 1972.

14. Death of Joey Ramone.

15. Death of Joe Strummer.

16. Death of Sid Vicious.

17. Nirvana plays first gig.

18. REM plays at a friend's birthday party.

19. The final Smashing Pumpkins show.

20. Sony Walkman introduced in 1979.

21. Introduction of the compact disc (p.363).

22. Johnny Rotten auditions for the Sex Pistols.

23. Roskilde tragedy.

24. Stone Roses play Spike Island.

25. The release of London Calling (and cover shot).

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shit forgot the link...


here it is...read the rest...


heck i'll just post them...


enjoy...unless i'm blind no mention of GUNS AND ROSES. come on now...


26. David Bowie and Iggy Pop move to Berlin.

27. Sonic Youth signs with DGC and Nirvana signs with DGC.

28. REM signs with Warner Brothers.

29. Release of OK Computer.

30. PiL concert in NYC.

31. Ramones first gig at CBGBs (August 14, 1974).

32. Oasis vs. Blur battle, August 1995.

33. Oasis forces them on King Tut's Wah Wah Hut and get a record deal.

34. Release of New Order's "Blue Monday".

35. Jimmy Chamberlin fired from Pumpkins for drug use.

36. Andy Warhol "discovers" the Velvet Underground.

37. Offspring release SMASH.

38. Bill Berry's brain aneurysm.

39. Bill Berry's Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

40. Johnny Rotten gets beat up by monarchists.

41. The debut of Napster and subsequent suit.

42. Larry Mullen pins notice to bulletin board, 1976.

43. Robert Smith cuts "The Hair."

44. The breakup of the Smiths.

45. Invention of the bass guitar.

46. Kathleen Hanna spray-paints Kurt Cobain's apartment.

47. The Sex Pistols sign with A&M and are dropped six days later.

48. Beastie Boys top album charts with Licensed to Ill.

49. Jack Irons passes tape to Eddie Vedder.

50. Riots at Woodstock in 1999.

51. Depeche Mode Wherehouse riot.

52. First Internet concert.

53. Dave Grohl moves to Seattle.

54. Kurt meets Courtney for the first time.

55. Malcolm McLaren spots Richard Hell's clothes.

56. The last Sex Pistols show, 1978.

57. Sex Pistols play Lesser Free Trade Hall.

58. Clash signs their record contract, Jan 26, 1977

59. Elvis Costello on SNL, 1977.

60. Punk magazine launched

61. Kraftwerk releases "Autobahn."

62. Founding of 2-Tone Records and rise of ska.

63. Mick Jones fired from the Clash.

64. Ayatollah Khomeni outlaws rock in Iran, prompting the Clash to write"Rock the Casbah".

65. Emergence of Duran Duran and New Wave.

66. Chris Blackwell gets shipwrecked and eventually discovers Bob Marley.

67. Surviving Nirvana members accept award on behalf of Kurt.

68. BBC bans Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax."

69. Debuts of MTV, VH1, MuchMusic.

70. Peter Buck discovers the Rickenbacker

71. Fred Durst gives Jonathan Davis a tattoo.

72. Bob Geldof watches TV and comes up with Band Aid.

73. Ricky Wilson of B52's dies of AIDS.

74. Vince Clarke leaves Depeche Mode.

75. Ecstasy introduced to UK club scene.

76. U2 orders pizzas for everyone.

77. Release of "Pump Up the Volume"

78. Introduction of the Macintosh computer.

79. Introduction of the sampler.

80. Introduction of the SL-1200 turntable.

81. The Cure sets up their own radio station.

82. Pearl Jam sells nearly a million albums in a week.

83. Stone Roses take matters into their own hands.

84. Jarvis Cocker crashes Michael Jackson performance

85. Disappearance of Richey Manic

86. Disappearance of Joe Strummer

87. The Verve get screwed by Andrew Loog Oldham

88. Jonny Greenwood tries to sabotage "Creep".

89. U2 stops traffic in San Francisco.

90. First MP3 player introduced

91. Madness causes an earthquake.

92. Peter Buck arrested for air rage

93. David Bowie wears a dress to Texas

94. Debut and then retirement of Ziggy Stardust.

95. Death of Layne Staley.

96. U2's performance at Live Aid, July 13, 1985.

97. Fight against home taping, early 80s

98. The opening of the Hacienda, June 26, 1982.

99. NIN at Woodstock, August 13, 1994.

100. Ron Asheton paints Iggy Pop's guitar by mistake, October 1967.

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That list had some interesting stuff on it... and some odd ommissions. You could tell that the list was from a modern rock station, because the other time i saw a list like that, #1 was when John met Paul (The Beatles). I'm not even a fan of there's but you can't deny the importance of that occurance. It's not even on there. I could talk about a bunch of them, but i'll just let it be.

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obviously modern rock..

they missed out alot...

61. Kraftwerk releases "Autobahn." <--- thats right!

they seem to think highly of nirvana.. don't get me wrong, nirvana did alot for rock as we know it, but so did the beatles, led zeppelin, bob dylan.. each almost made up a new version of rock.

those are just examples. music wouldn't be what we know it without the little bands.

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