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Jj Abram's Star Trek

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So we got to see the trailer for the new Star Trek before watching the latest Bond film last night and oh god.


It was so campy and shiny that I think JJ might have actually ruined the franchise (for the second time) lol.


I'm still going to watch it but I've got very low expectations for it after seeing how brightly coloured everything was.



For those of you wondering, the bridge scenes that were released to the internet do appear to be a training brdige and not the Enterprise.


also nerd rage.


edit: now that I see it again, it's not too bad.

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You do realise that TOS was shiny and campy, right? I'm actually very excited to see this movie and after watching the leaked trailer it's a movie I'd go see even if it wasn't Star Trek.

TOS wasn't THAT shiny. Though I do think there isn't as much camp as I'd assumed in the new one.


The training bridge just really annoyed me for some reason. That and the hallways.


It has to look like Star Trek dammit.


Also why weren't they building the Enterprise in the space dock. *cross arms*

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I'm still expecting this to turn into the Star Wars prequels.


Instead of Darth Vader teen angst we'll have Kirk/Spock teen angst. Hooray!


Waiting for completely computer generated side kick character to show up on the trailers.

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Jesus, they're running the trailer before Quantum...I'll be the judge of it's coolness.


Bakula didn't ruin anything...shitty-assed writing did, killing Data did...the last people to work on Trek are on a list of future recipients of the "Don't make Bishop X have to choke a bitch award"

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I haven't seen the trailer yet, but I've seen whatever pics have been released.


Everyone *looks* great. Pretty spot-on, sort of Clone-High versions of everyone haha


I kind of expect a ton of camp, simply because the movie was written by the same writers from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and Xena: Warrior Princess.


In retrospect, I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact that Karl Urban was cast as Chekov...



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The trailer looks pretty decent. Wasn't a massive fan of TOS so can't say i'm dying to see this, but i'd watch it on DVD for sure if it gets good reviews. I would have much preferred a new "The Next Generation" movie, but one that was actually wicked.


I liked "Enterprise", besides the corny opening theme. I liked the atmosphere & the special fx were cool. Bakula was good to me. That series was 2x better than Voyager & 300x better than DS9.


P.S. They didn't "kill" Data, they just blew up his body, and his "memories" or whatever were saved on computer, which i assume will be transferred into Lore's body if they make another movie.

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a lot of people are comparing this film, or at least what they expect it'll be like, to transformers. i kindof see that, but i also expect this to be a bit better.


i think it's going to be flashy, campy and moral, but for some reason i still want to see it. this is the first time i've ever really been looking forward to seeing a star trek film actually.


if this fails i say they do a ds9 film, hahah.

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Loathed the film. It was as if the filmmakers were saying; "You remember spending hundreds of hours watching those Star Trek shows? Well, those don't matter anymore. This is what you're getting now."


If the film wasn't named Star Trek and had different names for the characters/ships/aliens I would've thought that it was rad.

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