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(re)cast A Film!

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exactly how it sounds. there are always films out there that are marred by poor casting. now's your chance to make it right. or--- if you're a fan of a book, comic or whatever and you want to share your interpretation of who should bring it to life, go nuts.


my choice for recasting would be the spiderman franchise, particularly the two leads:


for peter parker, ladies and gentlemen, meet jake gyllenhaal.




he's way more versatile an actor than tobey mcguire, and i think he could balance out the nerdy/superhero dichotomy of parker better than mcguire as well.


as for mary jane, any actress is a step up from kirsten dunst, but here is a woman who i'd rather see as mary jane than snaggletooth:


christina hendricks.





'nuff said. she's a NATURAL redhead and a stunner. what helps her case is that she harkens back to a classier period of hollywood (perhaps its her role on mad men that makes me think that) and i would believe that she was a successful model/actress/etc after being peter's "girl-next-door."


thoughts? (re)cast your own film!

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i don't like your picks. i can't stand jake. thanks to the good girl, i'll never be able to see him as anything other than a whiny fucking puss. he did such a good job in that movie that at some points it hurt me to watch him. he's about the last person i could ever see as a superhero. honestly. that other chick is hot, but i'm totally gay for kirsten dunst so she's a no go as well.


i'm kinda sad this thread didn't take off 'cause it is actually a fantastic idea.

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thanks christy...


and wow bishop, i didn't know you had made a thread like this already. i would've just posted my crap there. i wasn't around much in the summer time though, so i didn't see it when it was first posted.


i'm also surprised that this didn't take off... not that i'm patting myself on the back for it or anything. it's just that it's a fairly simple concept, and a discussion that i have quite often in my circles of friends.

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