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What do you think of it's release?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of it's release?

    • FINALLY!!
    • I already download it. it's awesome!
    • i hate you sodamntired. you and every new post you have ever made. and I will tell you this in an important post I am going to make.....right now.

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I just read the new review of Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy in the newest Rolling Stone. It has been 13 years since Appetite came out. George Bush sr. was president then. It received 4 stars by Rolling Stone. They have me excited just by their review. So thoughts?

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I just read the new review of Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy in the newest Rolling Stone.  It has been 13 years since Appetite came out.  George Bush sr. was president then.  It received 4 stars by Rolling Stone.  They have me excited just by their review.  So thoughts?

Appetite for Destruction came out 22 years ago, not 13 So it would've been Reagan that was president. Use Your Illusions came out 17 years ago, so that would've been Bush, Sr. 13 years ago the president was Clinton.


Anyway, it blows. Downloaded it and yeah, it really does. Why I think it sucks: Axel's voice sounds like only dogs could hear it, as being very high pitched. Also, the songs... I don't know, not worth the wait. I think it'd be better with Slash and the rest of the gang, but it just sounds like a big mess.

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I'm with IamNick ... I hated the single, but I actually like the album. Not what I would have expected after 17 yrs (although I don't think anything could live up to that kind of wait), and a couple of the ballads remind me of Bon Jovi, but overall, I'm enjoying it. I was never a big GnR fan, though, so maybe it seems okay to me because of my complete lack of expectations.

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I definitely agree with the terrible lyrics bit--they're pretty cringe worthy at times, and I've mostly been ignoring them.


After several listens, my super quick track-by-track review goes something like this:


1. "Chinese Democracy" - Terrible.


2. "Shackler's Revenge" - Terrible.


3. "Better" - Awesome. I think this song is a nice mix of catchy hooks and rocking out.


4. "Street of Dreams" - Cheesy piano ballad, but it's growing on me. Some nice guitar work.


5. "If the World" - Unmemorable.


6. "There Was a Time" - Awesome. This one builds and builds and builds until unleashing a great guitar solo at the end.


7. "Catcher in the Rye" - Okay. Also growing on me. Some nice melodic stuff in the middle.


8. "Scraped" - Sounds like a rehash of "Welcome to the Jungle."


9. "Riad n' the Bedouins" - Good. Reminds me of Led Zeppelin for some reason.


10. "Sorry" - Good. Kind of Pink Floyd-ish.


11. "I.R.S." - Fun.


12. "Madagascar" - Really overproduced, but still listenable.


13. "This I Love" - Soooo cheesy. Sounds like it belongs in a Broadway musical.


14. "Prostitute" - Starts off weak, but thankfully pulls out of it and ends up being a solid closer.



I'd say give the album at least one full listen before giving up on it. For me at least, it didn't hit its stride until the middle. Or maybe it just took that many songs to get over the trauma of the truly god awful opening.


Also, I could just be crazy. It's bombastic, melodramatic, overproduced, overstuffed, and yet I can't seem to stop playing the damn thing. Hmmm ....

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I have been avoiding it...not sure I want to hear Guns N Roses without Gunners. I mean really. I loved the band as it was...This isn't that band, this is Axl aka Asshole Rose, and a bunch of hired guns. Granted he's got Tommy Stinson from the Replacements(one of my favorite bands) with him, but still...there's a reason why this took 13 years...I was huge fan of the band...not just the lead singer. Duff, Slash, Izzy, Steven or Matt, made this band TIFUCKINGTANIC!!! Axl was the icing that made them a rocking assed cake...


Unlike Alice In Chains without Layne, this is purely a fucking solo Album, by a long time sufferer of LSD(Lead Singer Disease). He's using the GNR brand to it's fullest potential...because no one would give a damn about Axl Rose solo.


I voted for 3...even though I like Sodamned, I hate Axl for doing this.

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well from the songs I have heard on the radio, and the few my friend had, this does suck. i would never waste my money on a piece of crap like this. its just not as epic as the 3 major albums they put out.

That's what everyone I know is saying.

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