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So I bought this mouse from Futureshop for $70.




And the mousewheel doesn't work. ;)


Talked to Razer support, changed/updated firmware etc. Nothing works. They suggest shipping it, but that would take ages and is fucking expensive to ship it to the US.




Buy a new mouse from Futureshop (they're $100 now), clean up the old one, then return it in the new box with receipt.


Buy a new mouse from Futureshop, put it in the car, get the receipt, go grab another mouse at the store, return the mouse for $100 (I paid by cash).


Mail it.

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I'm with AZ...but yes, who the hell spends $100 on a mouse???? That's just crazy. I built my desktop, and have been just uprgading it every two years to keep it speedy, and functional. With the discount I get on parts from my friend's shop, I spend about $150 every couple of years, and considering he gives me an additional discount for returning the used parts, I make out pretty damned good.

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why can't you just return the broken one, rather than going through the trouble of buying a new one and returning that?

Because it's past the return date time.


I, in fact, did not buy the first mouse from Futureshop.


Since Futureshop is a big company I don't really care about "conning" them.


Anyway the original company I got it from has better deals so don't want to con them. ;).

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So you're going to punish another store for a product, which they didn't sell you, that broke?


Hmmmm can I punish you for the fact my cell phone is dieing?? I mean you didn't sell it to me but its okay really!


In my oh so humble opnion any of the options that involve "conning" Future Shop are wrong, and I would never do it. But hey my morals are worth more that $100 to me.


But think about it logically. IF you buy a new mouse and then return the old one, what will most likely happen is the store will simply re-stock the old broken mouse and then some other consumer will buy the mouse and get it home only to find out it's broken. Doesn't really seem fair to me.

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dude. he's going to tell them its faulty and he wants his money back. they really cant say no. it's young man against huge sell-out corporation.

to justify it further: if the manufacturer isn't willing to accept the expenses associated with standing behind their product, their biggest retailer will.



and your ridiculous comparison makes you come off as an uneducated idiot.... or is that how calgarians roll?

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Right if its so easy and justified why not con the store that he actually bought the mouse from??


Again I don't follow on why because the manufacturer of the mouse isn't stepping up to the plate, how it justifies conning an innocent third party. Just because you say something doesn't make it true, even if you keep saying over and over with your up most conviction!


Its not a ridiculous comparison, using the exact same logic that he's trying to use to justify conning FS.

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Absolutely Christine. Do what you need to do to get it resolved. My personal feeling has always been, when an entity sells a product, they are responsible for it, no matter where it comes from. It shouldn't be my problem if the merchandise if faulty, it's the merchandise retailer's problem.

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