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Bsg 5th Cylon Theories?

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With a little over a month and a half way from the final episodes of BSG. I'm curious who everyone thinks the final cylon is.


My 2 theories/Guesses are:



1) Laura Rosyln. Why? Well remember early on in the first season the priest talked about a leader who were to lead the refugees to earth but wouldn't survive to make it? Well Laura lived to see Earth. Prehaps they meant her being reborn as a cylon??


2) Can't remember her name, but the chick pilot who got killed when going thru the radiation. The one who always competed with Starbuck. Maybe that strife was caused sub-consciously by her knowing that Starbuck would lead to the end of mankind as the hybrids have predicted?

Also she seemed like a pretty cool character, who kept getting more and more play time, and then all of a sudden was killed off???


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My theory;



It's gotta be somebody not in the fleet, as Xena Cylon Princess said that four of the five were in the fleet. Unless she intentionally lied (which wouldn't make sense as she was trying to re-unite with them on the Basestar) or was unaware of the fifth's location, that means that the Final Cylon is somewhere else.


Who is somewhere else?


Carol-Anne Adama. She apparently died during the Cylon attack on the Colonies, but we never actually saw her death on screen.


I'm thinking she's the final Cylon, or it's Boxey.


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lol the old toasters would be funny to have as the last cylon

"As you command"


I don't know, I think its a little late in the game to introduce a new actor/actress.


Being not with the fleet could also imply they're "dead"


another theory I heard:



Could be Tigh's wife. I always though it was a big coniendence that she happened to be alive in the fleet.




Or it could be a new character that's going to be promient in the new series Caprica

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Excellent theories, especially yours dave.




I also concluded that it entirely possible that it was Ellen Tigh...largely because for all of her scheming to supposedly advance Saul's career once she resurfaced, it seemed rather pointless, as there was only one person in the fleet that outranked him. Even more than that, all of her schemes seemed to be damaging to others, and in some cases to the fleet overall. But the other four Cylons, don't seem to be "bad or evil" so why is she being the opposite of them? I also considered Roslyn....but am more inclined to believe that it's someone hidden in the fleet.


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Bishop, Tory of the Four is a fucking thundercunt. She is definitely filed under "bad."




killed Cally.



I didn't care for her before and I fucking hate her now.


Cally and Billy's death's were both really stupid plot developments.



I never liked Tory...I feel like both of the above instances were designed specifically for her creation and evolution...


What is still bothering me, is the fact that none of the known 4 of the final 5 have discussed the fact that Tyrol's kid is half cylon. Seems like a major plot hole to me.

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agree...lots of things are lacking in quick follow ups.


and tory is a total piece of ass I don't care if she goes all t-1000 on everyone more air time(although cally was hot too)



I feel like any major character gets the shaft as the 5th is gonna be a disappointment, kinda hoping for someone off the radar.




starbuck was on law and order...lol...she can play the crazies!

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It was said when the picture from the 7th clue came out, was that it would tell you everything that you needed to know to figure out who the cylons were.


Stupid me, I just noticed something. The picture has a very similar form to DaVinci's last supper painting EXCEPT there are 2 less people. Prepahs there is a clue in, not who's in the picture but who's missing from the picture.


The one figure (based of peoples positions) that is missing is Judas, and I don't know who the other guy would be. hmmmm

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To Bishopx and all you american bastards: The Face of the Enemy


Edit: While I can't watch it on my home PC, for some reason it works fine off my work laptop...



My best guess is that as all the main characters are still visiting earth, Cavil's Fleet arrives and they have to jump (ala Lay Down Your Burdens), and have continued to chase them non-stop for the past few days (ala 33). Hence Geata's tiredness and the fact that an incomming cylon fleet seemed old hat to everyone, like they were expecting it.


Also, when that technician used the racial slur towards the cylon's Geata seemed a bit offended...possible clue to the 5th cyclon?


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